viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

My Heroes

The past  is Mother Teresa de Calcuta, I admire, because, she was always wanted to help people.

The modern- day is Liu Xiaobo, because, I seek peace for china.

Personal is my Mother, because is intellient and brave, she is my hero

My new friend

Glaucea (18 years old) and Mary Bracho(21 years old) are my friends

They live in maracaibo,  they study camunication and law, I love sleeping, go to the shopping and also talk the chat.
                                                            These are my new friends

Poem.... Pink in my life

It sounds like the song free bird.
It taste like ice cream.
It smell like pastures beutiful.
It feels like walking in heaven.


I love this song, I idenfity with her because there are times
when we feel selfconsciuos in the world.

After Graduation and My Dreams (L)

After graduation, my goal is to get a good job, I'd also like get a married ( I love my boyfriend), My dreams are to be a great designer and succesfull in my field of work.

Free Time

In my free Time, I like to relax since I have not time to do it, dance a lot, also shere with my family and boyfriend, shopping that is bed.

Hello, welcome to my blogs

My name is Joselin Cano,I'm 19 years old, I'm from Maracaibo, I'm Graphic Design student, because; I like draw, I like designer for world, My favorite subject is workshop and photographic. 

In this blogs I'm going to publish my activities.. :D