lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Special talent

What can you do?
I can draw, paint, to create
What is your talent?
When you do it?
All The Time is studied and What I Like
What do you need to do?
Much imagination and creativity
Why do it?
I love, is my fascination sin could not live doing what  like
Talk about a special memory of his talent?
Participate in meeting design was just too amazing

Movies ..... Enchated

TED.... Yossi Vardi.....fights local warming

About this talk

Investor and prankster Yossi Vardi delivers a careful lecture on the dangers of blogging. Specifically, for men.

Why you should listen to him:

Joseph "Yossi" Vardi has helped more than 40 startups see the light of day, among them Mirabilis (makers of ICQ) and the video companies Scopus and BrightCove. He's a strategic advisor to Amazon and AOL, and a venture partner of Pitango, one of Israel's largest VC funds.

He's a lively presence in the world of tech startups, with an absurd sense of humor and a refreshing set of values (restated in a much-commented-on TechCrunch post in October) that drive his approach to new investments. The takeaways: Judge the individual over the business plan; and don't shy away from an entrepreneur who has failed before: "It makes them want to win even more," he said.

"One way to get to know Yossi is through his portfolio. Here´s a list of the companies he´s invested with: they include Ilcu, Foxytunes, Gteko, recently sold to Microsoft, Fixya, a very clever customer support web 2.0 site, AtlasCT, a competitor to Google Maps, and Fring, competitor to Gizmo Project or Truphone."

Final Presentation ..... Nuclear Problem......

Final Presentation ..... Nuclear Problem......

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

History of Friends

Marcus and Joe when they were young were the best friends had a birthday the same day and had the same taste in one day was drowning and frameworks jose saved him if he knew that the swim, since there never. separated ....